Aizu Fukushima Urushi Art Festival 2011

1 October 2011

Board by Phi Phi Oanh

The Sun, a poem, by Juda al Harizi (Toledo 1170-1235)

Look: The sun has spread its wings

over the earth to dispel the darkness.

Like a great tree with its roots in heaven 

and its branches reaching down to the earth.

1 October – 23 November 2011

AIZU FUKUSHIMA URUSHI ART FESTIVAL 2011 会津 漆の芸術祭, Exhibition Hall of Aizuwakamatsu City, Japan

Female Urushi Artists' Solidarity with the People of TOHOKU, Kizuna Project 

This special exhibition was organized in support of the people who live in the lacquer area of Tohoku (Northeast Japan) and who have been deeply affected by the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima.  Twenty-seven international lacquer artists were sent lacquer boards produced in the Aizu region to create works encouraging solidarity and reconstruction.  

Curated by Sakurako Matshushima and Fumie Sasai.