Specula Vernissage

December 4, 2009

Thank you everyone for coming and making it a lovely opening...

Some words from the US Embassador...

"...The U.S. Embassy in Hanoi is proud to sponsor the exhibition of Phi Phi Oanh’s Specula. In addition to sponsoring this show, we proudly display of some of her paintings within the Embassy collection here in Hanoi.  Not only works of great beauty, Phi Phi’s work embodies an open and forward thinking approach essential to today's interconnected world.

Born in Houston, Texas, Phi Phi Oanh came to Vietnam for the first time in 2004 after receiving a Fulbright Scholarship to study the traditional art techniques of Vietnam.  Based on her research, she has developed her own unique way of working with lacquer, one that combines traditional Vietnamese techniques with Western themes and influences. 

The crossover ability showcased in Specula highlights the best of cultural exchange between the US and Vietnam and the success of the Fulbright Program.  I hope that you will enjoy Specula and let art inspire you to discover new ways of how we can grow closer as people through a variety of mediums..."

Michael W. Michalak

Embassador of the United States of America in Vietnam, 2009